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Jennifer Merlyn Scherler

24.03.21, 8 pm

on http://wasteland.earth

The video work, which is a follow up on the collaboration for Residency Dienerstrasse last autumn, is a performative work exploring online (in)visibility of sex workers and and the entanglement of internet worlds and realities.

To accompany the virtual world expansion and lecture madness you can sign up for a LIMITED EDITION MULTI-SENSORIAL HOME EXPERIENCE GOODIE PACKAGE to provide some grounding: put togehter with loving hands by the artist. Send us your address until Wednesday, 17.03.2021, via bird@wasteland.earth to get yours.

Interested in her research? A PDF or a printed version (10CHF for printing and shipping) of her textual exploration is available upon request. 

Jennifer Merlyn Scherler (*1996, Oberdiessbach) approaches her topics of research through different media, ranging from photography, video and sound to text and performance. She is deeply interested in the ways internet spaces reflect structures of dominance in our culture and the strategies that are therefore constructed by marginalized groups to find ways to survive and instrumentalize the digital sphere. Though her work is not exclusively internet based, it always tries to trace the reasons for cultural habits and strategies of living, grieving and remembering. Scherler also tries to question the (rather new) distinction between art and education and sees education as part of her art practice as well - both by accompanying bodies of work by more elaborate lecture performances and by teaching as a part of the memeclassworldwide.